Peloton's free app bites the dust — here's 3 workout apps to use instead

Nike Training Club app
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The Peloton app is one of the best workout apps for at-home training. Unfortunately, one of our favorite features, a completely free membership tier with access to a sizable library of workouts, is officially dead. 

Peloton rebranded last May as a fitness-focused company for everyone — not just folks who can afford fancy workout equipment — with the Peloton app as the crown jewel of the workout empire. 

At the time, three tiers of membership were introduced, including Peleton Free, Peleton One ($12.99 a month) and Peleton+ ($24 a month). Two remain. 

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The free tier included a decent selection of workout video classes and access to Peloton Gym with guided strength programs you can follow at your leisure and more. The idea was for free users to get hooked on the content and eventually pony up for the big-boy paid subscription. It didn't work. 

As reported by CNBC, the free app tier is no more. The good news is that if you’ve already signed up for the app's unlimited free membership, you're access won't likely be revoked by Peloton. Well, at least not right now. 

The even better news is that there are loads of free workout apps available, many of which rival Peloton's. I cover fitness tech for a living and in no particular order, these are the three, free Peleton app alternatives I dig most.

1. Nike Training Club

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As noted in our review, the Nike Training Club app is an excellent way to train at home without breaking the bank, with over 500 workouts to select from. Categories include yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), dance, kickboxing, pilates, meditation and more. 

You can also sort workouts using factors like targeted muscle group, intensity, fitness level, equipment available, duration, etc. Some are led by instructors and others are not. I prefer those that are, and find Nike's experts to be quite engaging. 

Additionally, there are numerous multi-week training programs that users can work through at their own pace. Other features include resources on nutrition, mindfulness, recovery and sleep. The Nike Training Club app is available for both Apple and Android users. 

Download Nike Training Club: iPhone | Android

2. Fiit

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The Fiit workout app is one of the highest-rated options available for Apple or Android devices. And while Fiit has paid subscription tiers, there's also a free one with plenty to offer. 

Launched in February 2023, the free tier gives users access to Fiit's daily live group classes and includes popular workouts like spin and treadmill classes, weight and strength training, recovery and more. Live classes take place eleven times a day on weekdays and four times a day on the weekends. 

Best of all, they are made to be inclusive and appeal to beginners and advanced athletes alike, no matter one's fitness level or desired workout intensity. By the way, Fiit's expert instructors are also seriously enjoyable to follow along with. 

Download Fiit: iPhone | Android

3. Caliber

Caliber app screenshot

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The Caliber app is another completely free option, with a focus on strength training. Similar to the two apps above, it features a mix of training plans — targeted at both building muscle and cutting fat — on-demand video workouts and weekly lessons.

Users can track their progress toward fitness goals, with insights into strength and body composition. Caliber also syncs with nutrition data and is completely ad-free. Of course, if you want to step up your focus on training, Calibers offers virtual access to real, live fitness experts for just under $20 a month.

Download Caliber: iPhone | Android

Other free apps

An iPhone with the Strava App Store listing on screen

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For keeping tabs and everything from walks to hikes to mountain bike rides, I turn to the free version of the Strava app. My colleague Lee Bell is also a big fan of the free Gymshark Training app. And, if you're more of a pavement pounder than a gym shark, check out the Runkeeper app

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